Contact CSA

The CSA is the right government department to contact when you find yourself in need of help in asking child support; just give them a ring on their UK phone number 0345 713 3133.

Asking for child support from an ex-lover can be very difficult especially when things did not end all too well. Relationships can either flourish or die out. When relationships flourish, the man and woman may live their entire lives together either with children or not. Relationships that aren’t sustained over this long period of time either fizzle or explode in a spectacular manner.

When there are no children involved, there’s no real harm, no foul. Failed relationships are just part of life – but when children are involved, it’s a whole different story altogether. Children are the victims here and the parents should see to it that they are able to provide for all the needs of the children together. It is not only unfair for only one parent to be providing for all the financial needs of a child but it is also detrimental to them.

The other parent must also chip in even when he or she is not living with the child. When things are sour between the parents, then a mediator needs to be contacted. It is under these circumstances that the CSA comes in and serves as a mediator so that the parents no longer have to deal with each other directly.

Phone CSA Customer Services

If you have an existing case with CSA that was started before March 2003 then dial their general enquiries contact number 0345 713 3133, or if you require Textphone or Minicom services you should phone 0345 713 8924. Alternatively if you set up your CSA case after 2003, or if you would like to open a new dispute with the other party in your relationship please call the CSA regional office closest to your location by calling the correct number from this list:

CSA Regional Office Telephone Contact Number Textphone Number
South-East England 0345 609 0052 0345 713 4700
South-West England 0345 609 0072 0345 713 7217
Midlands 0345 609 0062 0345 713 1707 & 0845 713 1707
Wales & North-West England 0345 609 0082 0345 713 8099
Scotland & North-East England 0345 609 0042 0345 713 6804
East England & Northern Ireland 0345 609 0092 0345 713 2243