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DVLA Contact Number – 0300 790 6802

If you’re in need of information regarding processing the registration of your vehicle then contact the DVLA Vehicle Registration helpline on their phone number 0300 790 6802.

Contact Numbers for DVLA

There are various contact numbers on which you can contact the DVLA – we’ve featured the main number below and for a more comprehensive overview please see the DVLA page in the UK Contact Numbers directory.

Vehicle registration is very important because it prevents the use of stolen vehicles as well as helping the UK government collect tax that can be used to maintain public highways. To reach the Vehicle Registration team at the DVLA call 0300 790 6802, which you can also phone to contact an advisor about your vehicle log book.

Before you’re allowed to drive on the roads of the UK, you should first get your provisional driving licence from the DVLA. To learn more about the procedure of getting one or to apply for your first driving license you should call them on 0300 790 6801. If you are an existing driving license holder you can also phone this helpline to get a replacement for a lost or stolen license.

A driver should be healthy in order to control the vehicle he is driving. If you think that you are not physically or mentally capable of driving a vehicle even when you already have a licence as a result of an accident, illness or injury then please inform the DVLA on 0300 790 6806, who will be able to provide you the the assistance necessary for keeping your independence on the road.

If you’re planning on hiring a driver, check your applicants’ licences and records by calling 09061 393 837. Please note that you must get the driver’s permission beforehand, which they can formally do by calling 0300 790 6801.

DVLA Enquiries by Post

You don’t have to call the DVLA to get information. You can always send your enquiries by post.

For those who have enquiries related to registration or the taxation of a vehicle, send your post to: Vehicle Customer Services, DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR.

If you have enquiries about your licence whether you’re still processing one or if you already have one, send your post to: Drivers Customer Services, Correspondence Team, DVLA, Swansea, SA6 7JL.

For those who wish to inform the DVLA of a relevant medical condition, send your post to: Drivers’ Medical Enquiries, DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1TU.

If during the processing of your registrtation and licence you experienced something that’s unsatisfactory, then send a complaint letter to: Customer Complaints Resolution Team, D16 W, DVLA, Swansea, SA6 7JL.

This is not a full list of the departments of the DVLA and their contact information as it is just the most popular set of contacts. To see the full list of all contact numbers and alternative ways to get in touch with the DVLA, go to