Contact Groupon

To reach the Groupon customer service team with enquiries and issues that you face with their products and services just contact them on the phone by dialling 020 3510 0444, which is a London-registered number.

Groupon is a highly popular website that has both international and local appeal. The website first got into business in the US but now they offer their deals on a truly global scale. Groupon is not only popular with the end customers as business owners also tout its effectiveness when it comes to promoting their company or products. When products are offered at such bargain prices, it is the business owners themselves who take the loss just to have their brand name promoted on a Groupon page, however this is far cheaper and often more effective than forking out for an expensive marketing campaign.

Telephone Number for Groupon Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the main point of Groupon’s business model. Because if customers are satisfied with their purchased coupons, then they will always keep on coming back for more great value deals.

If you are experiencing some issues regarding the coupons or vouchers that you purchased on the Groupon site, then just dial 020 3510 0444 and their customer service team will sort it out for you.

Social Media Contact Information for Groupon

Sometimes, sending a message through a social media website is much more convenient than calling a customer service phone line. This is why Groupon can also be easily reached via Twitter, just tweet @Groupon_UK for account support and general enquiries.

Similarly you can contact them by writing a post on their official Facebook page

Email Groupon

If using social media is too restricting for you, then you can opt to send Groupon a longer message via email. Their email address is

You can also send them an email through their official website by filling out an online contact form.