Contact Zenith Insurance

Contact Zenith Insurance customer services by calling their freephone helpline number 0344 257 8212 to get a car insurance quote, for van policy renewals and to make a claim on your breakdown cover.

Zenith Insurance have taken the finest aspects of their US vehicle policies to offer to UK customers directly through their website and via third-party brokers acting as intermediaries. You can phone their general enquiries contact number 0344 257 8212 to get a price breakdown on each of their policy premiums, to renew an existing policy and for their latest promotions. Moreover you should dial this number to file an official complaint against the insurance provider if you believe that you have been unfairly denied a claim or that your payout was significantly lower than it should have been.


Zenith car insurance – 0808 1787 959

Contact Zenith for free on their UK freephone number 0808 1787 959 to get a car insurance quote, for emergency roadside assistance following a breakdown and to upgrade your vehicle cover by adding windscreen replacement. You should also phone this helpline to inform them that you are eligible to receive a no claims discount against the cost of your monthly premiums, however be aware that this will be affected if you have to make a claim following an accident.


Van insurance – 0800 783 5977

Get free support for your Zenith van insurance policy by dialling their freephone contact number 0800 783 5977 where you can make a claim following a serious accident, notify them that you are selling your commercial vehicle and to change how often you pay for your cover. Please remember to submit accurate information when getting a quote for your policy as some industry usages of your van will lead to higher premiums.


Zenith Insurance telephone numbers by BSROME

Zenith Insurance department UK contact number
Customer services & complaints 0344 257 8212
Zenith car insurance 0808 1787 959
Van insurance customer services 0800 783 5977
Get a quote for learner driver policies 0330 123 0983


Write to Zenith

You may write to Zenith Insurance by sending mail to their UK head office in Peterborough, you may have to send claims forms to this address however please get confirmation of this from an advisor prior to sending your letters.

Zenith Insurance,
Sundance House,
Staniland Way,
PE4 6JT,
United Kingdom.